Wouldn’t it be amazing if you knew could create successful eCommerce business today that are the framework for your success in your eCommerce career for the rest of your life?

Wouldn’t it give you a whole lot of confidence to knowing that you have now have the option and stability in your life?

Most of all, wouldn’t it be empowering if you could set up your very own profitable web store by using the very same strategies, system and tools that I used to launch my very profitable and personally-fulfilling eCommerce business?

Imagine What If You Could…

  • Destroy the mental obstacles that might lead you quitting your eCommerce business before you reach your financial goals.
  • Implement a step-by-step customer getting online marketing campaign for your web store so that you gain maximum proficiency at these skills?
  • Be absolutely certain and gain a whole lot of confidence to know you finally have the ability to duplicate your store in whatever market/niche you choose to?
  • Build your own entrepreneurial legacy that will provide a safety net for your your loved ones/family and transform your lifestyle into something that you always dream and hope for?

The good news is…you can!
All you need is a framework to guarantee that you won’t fail.

Hi, I'm Jeffrey Chew and over the course of my eCommerce career I’ve achieved the following:

  • Founded the “eCommerceWealth Academy” (EWA) to help ordinary people fast track their eCommerce success.
  • I’ve trained hundreds of people to become successful in their eCommerce business.
  • I’ve help generate 6 figures sales revenue for various client in their business.
  • I've shared stages with other successful eCommerce entrepreneurs and business owners to people who are passionate in starting their eCommerce business.

It’s critical for you to understand what eCommerce can do for your life if you go about building your business the right way - and not aim for getting rich fast. 

If you do the proper groundwork, just like how a house is build on a strong foundation, you will never, ever have to work a traditional job.

And it doesn’t matter if you are starting over with a fresh passion for your business or building it for the first time!

Here's What A Few Of Our Students Are Saying...


If you want...

  • ...a safety net so that your future is secured...
  • security so that you can live and give however you like...
  • asset that you keeps on generating wealth for you so that you will be able to enjoy the quality of life it gives you...
  • learn high-level business and marketing that is only accessible to business owners in our industry and that this information is now freely available to you…

this is the ONLY coaching that is best-suited to help you shift from new eCommerce builder to eCommerce business owner in 90 days. Period.

Having the right mindset and expectations about building a thriving eCommerce business plus using the most effective business-growth strategies at the same time, is just like having your own ATM!

In short, you are guaranteed success IF you put into action what this coaching teaches.

Hi Jeffrey, just wanted to tell you that after your coaching session, I feel I gotten more value from you than the courses I paid previously. And I've gotten my 1st sales on my website. Thanks to Jeffrey and his openess to share about eCommerce. He's the real deal.

Razali, Singapore, Student

First 90 eCommerce coaching is awesome. Finally, I have something simple, actionable and solid. I now realize that all the eCommerce courses I’ve invested in were too advanced for me. Now I have something I can use right away. Thank you for your coaching, Jeffrey.

Nur, Singapore, Financial Consultant

One of the best things about you is you are open and set real expectations. It is great to have your coaching and you have done it yourself and not just teaching "text book" style and leave it up to you type. I know it's true because what you teach the results shows.

Joyce, Singapore, Accountant and Mom of 2

Let’s See What Comes Inside This One-on-One Coaching...

Module 1: Success Foundation


  • Learn how to totally eradicate any hint of a “saturation mindset” that troubles lots of new eCommerce entrepreneur, so that you never quit your business.

  • Learn exactly which part of eCommerce to focus on, so that you can spend lesser effort with maximum returns. (And by knowing this, you will no longer look at eCommerce the same way)

  • Establish a workable routine to start your eCommerce business part-time, so that you are in control in your business rather than it controls you. (Many successful eCommerce entrepreneurs start part-time, and you need to be assured that you can absolutely succeed this way too!)

  • Get clear on how to go full time asap, because this is the case for most successful eCommerce entrepreneurs. (People often say money loves speed, and this is a fact.)

  • Learn which type of store to build.
    (By knowing this, you will be able to build your web store in practically in any market and succeed.)

  • Understanding the figures of your eCommerce business before you build one, so that you know if there is potential for you. (Knowing what type of numbers to spot will save you countless of hours and this bring you closer to success.)

  • Understand how to do a proper product research to see if anyone is buying. (And there are 2 types of products that you need to focus on.)

Module 2: Building Your Store


  • Learn which type of eCommerce to build. 

  • Learn the necessary elements within your eCommerce store to boost sales. (Not knowing this will cause your customer go to your competitor site to purchase.)

  • Learn what type of product picture most suitable to list on your website. (The correct picture posted will accelerate your product sales and minimize customer service support.)

  • How to write your product title and description to entice people to buy right away. (You will learn exactly what to write to entice people to buy from you and by learning this, you can increase your product price and have people buy from you instead of your competitor.)

  • Learn what kind of plugins to install on to your website. (There are only 5 plugins to install to make your store look professional.) 

  • How to set up payment and invoicing so that your customer have a wonderful experience.

  • Learn which type of necessary pages to create to allow your customer see that you are running a big eCommerce business. (Usually, this is something that your customers or buyer need to see so that they feel buying from you is safe and hassle free.)

Module 3: Unstoppable Marketing


  • Learn how exactly online and social media marketing works in eCommerce perspective.

  • Learn exactly which part of eCommerce to focus on, so that you can spend lesser effort with maximum returns. (And by knowing this, you will no longer look at eCommerce the same way)

  • Get a clear high level picture on the sales and marketing process of a successful marketing campaign. (Knowing the high level, will allow you see things from different perspective and always it's because of that, help you shave off countless of unnecessary time and accelerate your success faster.)

  • Know how to do Facebook advertising the right way... (And how to do it effectively, so that you have more money to re-invest.)

  • Learn how to do Instagram marketing the cost effective way. (Where you only need a free account without any followers.) 

  • Learn the 2 types of eCommerce social media marketing that you can implement in any kind of store you build.

  • Learn how to apply eCommerce content marketing to generate more product sales. (This type of marketing will establish your store as one of the authority and the most effective branding strategy out there.)

Module 4: Creating Your Asset


  • Discover how to go beyond eCommerce to create a real business that you  can depending upon. 

  • Learn high level eCommerce strategies to create a legacy for yourself. (Knowing how to do this can really set yourself up for life.)

  • Learn how to 10X, 50X or even 100X your eCommerce store using a little known method. 

  • How to flip your eCommerce store for profit even if you are just starting out. 

  • Learn 5 methods to increase your revenue beyond eCommerce. (Not a lot of people know how, and for those people in the know are usually business owners of well known brand. And you are going to learn how. 
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The 4 modules coaching is built upon each other and when completed, you will have rock solid eCommerce foundation to launch build and grown any eCommerce. 

Being new to eCommerce can be overwhelming, so I’ve included three bonuses that should round out what you’ve just learned.

Bonus #1: 99 Proven Products


  • Run out of ideas or simply want to find proven products to start off with, this guide is for you.

  • Carefully research based on strict requirements and market demand. 

  • You can use this guide to serve as a research or starting point to expand onward to other products.

  • Use the product in this guide to bundle up for your customers. 

Bonus #2: Quick Start Framework


  • Layout the necessary actions in this step by step guide so that you can refer back as and when needed. 

  • Included inside is detail instruction that you can pass it to your assistance to set up a profitable store for you.

  • Can reference back to specific topics/actions if needed to, making this framework guide a compliment one.

Bonus #3: 2X 1 Hour Support

  • To help you along your way, 2 X 1 hour one - on - one support session is included, so that you can show and ask any question you have on your eCommerce business.

  • Rome is not build in 1 day, so we included 6 months of eCommerce support (including email and phone support) the day you graduated from our coaching to be your eCommerce buddy to ensure you succeed.  

With all of this value offered,
I could easily charge $700…

…but the one thing I am clear about is that you don’t need to be shackled with any, ridiculous financial burdens as you begin your Network marketing career.

That said…

You Can Get Started in
Your eCommerce Journey, Today...
For Only $497

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